Pride & Prejudice: 3rd Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 3rd DISCUSSION!   I am completely bummed that Pride and Prejudice is over! This is only my second re-read but I feel like my love for this story has grown sufficiently to read it again every year. Do you ever re-read something again as constantly? I'd love to know if you do and … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: 3rd Discussion

Pride & Prejudice: 2nd Discussion

Welcome to the 2nd Discussion! I hope you are enjoying this much loved Austen classic! I know for many of you, this is your favorite out of all Austen's books and I hope you are loving it still! Well, without further ado, here are the questions! Discussion Questions: Why does Mrs. Gardiner caution Elizabeth about … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: 2nd Discussion

Pride & Prejudice: 1st Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 1ST DISCUSSION! Here we are on another month of JABBR! I was so excited to read P&P that I just couldn't put it down once I picked it up! I read through the first volume super quick and tried to make as many notes as I could. Before we get into some … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: 1st Discussion