Persuasion: 2nd Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 2nd DISCUSSION!   Whoa. Another busy few weeks! I apologize but they were some things that I couldn't control. BUT! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed Persuasion! I'm still finishing up on it! I hope you enjoy this next week as we get a break from reading Austen before June starts! Can you believe … Continue reading Persuasion: 2nd Discussion

Persuasion: 1st Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 1st Discussion!   Hey y'all! We only have two discussions with Persuasion and extra days for reading. Finally, I don't feel like I have to hurry through! I've been behind on my review books so I apologize for getting this up later than I usually post, but it's been a very busy week … Continue reading Persuasion: 1st Discussion

Emma: 3rd Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 3rd DISCUSSION! Hello everyone! I finally finished Emma two days ago and let me just tell ya ... it was a super amusing book to read (but mostly listen to!). I couldn't help laughing throughout the whole book at all of the characters. I realized that there is SOOOOO much more dialogue in … Continue reading Emma: 3rd Discussion

Emma: 1st Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 1ST DISCUSSION! Hello everyone! I hope you can forgive me for being so slow with this discussion post! It's been quite a busy month so far. I haven't had time to read much, write on my blog, or talk with y'all on IG. I'm so very sorry and hope that you can … Continue reading Emma: 1st Discussion

Pride & Prejudice: 3rd Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 3rd DISCUSSION!   I am completely bummed that Pride and Prejudice is over! This is only my second re-read but I feel like my love for this story has grown sufficiently to read it again every year. Do you ever re-read something again as constantly? I'd love to know if you do and … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: 3rd Discussion

Pride & Prejudice: 2nd Discussion

Welcome to the 2nd Discussion! I hope you are enjoying this much loved Austen classic! I know for many of you, this is your favorite out of all Austen's books and I hope you are loving it still! Well, without further ado, here are the questions! Discussion Questions: Why does Mrs. Gardiner caution Elizabeth about … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: 2nd Discussion

Pride & Prejudice: 1st Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 1ST DISCUSSION! Here we are on another month of JABBR! I was so excited to read P&P that I just couldn't put it down once I picked it up! I read through the first volume super quick and tried to make as many notes as I could. Before we get into some … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: 1st Discussion

Sense & Sensibility: 3rd Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 3rd and Final DISCUSSION!   Now that you've finished Sense and Sensibility, what are your overall thoughts?? Did you enjoy reading this? What did you not enjoy? Are you excited to read Pride & Prejudice? I will email everyone about the March P&P Schedule on Monday so that y'all will know when we're … Continue reading Sense & Sensibility: 3rd Discussion

Sense & Sensibility: 2nd Discussion

WELCOME TO THE 2nd DISCUSSION! How are you liking S&S so far?? I hope you are just eating it up! I keep reading the volumes in one or two sittings and then waiting the rest of the week for the discussion so that I'm not ahead! I noticed that y'all led your own discussion for the … Continue reading Sense & Sensibility: 2nd Discussion

Sense & Sensibility: 1st Discussion

Welcome to the 1st Discussion! Bare with me for this post since it's my first time with these buddy reads! I'm confident, however, that I've built up a good list of questions that you can reflect on and answer in the comments down below. I will also be posting a post just full of my … Continue reading Sense & Sensibility: 1st Discussion