JABBR Introductions!

Hello! I thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves before we begin on this Jane Austen adventure together! Feel free to copy what I am about to say, interact with people throughout the day, or do your own thing! I just can't wait to virtually meet you all! Some suggested questions are: Name. Where … Continue reading JABBR Introductions!

Launching today: JABBR!

For those of you who are interested in still hearing about my JABBR, I figured I should add this to my blog as well. If you want to join in, keep on reading! Also, if you want to join in on the book exchange, go ahead and keep reading too! 😉 All the information is … Continue reading Launching today: JABBR!

Jane Austen Book Buddy Read!

Happy Day! I've been waiting a long time for this.  Since I watched the Jane Austen Book Club, I remember thinking, "Hey, that's a wonderful idea. Someone should do something like that!" And I've waited. And waited. And waited for a long time for someone to organize one. I gotta admit, it would be even … Continue reading Jane Austen Book Buddy Read!