November Surprise!!!

Hello hello hello! For my fellow bookstagram followers (and anyone else who wants to join in): THANK YOU!!!! If you're reading this, I have recently acquired 400 followers on my IG account and I am beyond proud of my followers who have been so helpful, friendly, and just simply wonderful! To show my deep DEEP … Continue reading November Surprise!!!

Gilmore Girl Goodies

I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed. At all. I wanted to just lay in bed all day with an elf bringing me hot cocoa every hour and a cookie dispenser that, when I pushed a button near my nightstand, a warm double chocolate chip cookie would pop out. Oozing … Continue reading Gilmore Girl Goodies

Gilmore Fashion Savvy

I'm sad to report that I don't have any Gilmore Girls related clothes or accessories! I know, it's a darn shame! I'll go cower in the corner awaiting my judgment accordingly. Well, how did I do? Hopefully not too awful...I'm willing to make it up to you via this super blog post I'm writing RIGHT NOW! … Continue reading Gilmore Fashion Savvy

Rory Gilmore Reads

I'm sure EVERYONE and their 13 cats have heard about the Rory Gilmore reading challenge. In fact, I see this on Pinterest almost everyday that I'm on! And if you're like me, (a book or Gilmore Girls lover that is), then you've wanted to try your hand at reading all these books that Rory did … Continue reading Rory Gilmore Reads

Gilmore Girls Revival Prep

Is everyone just super excited for the Gilmore Girls revival shows coming up on November 25th?! I know that I am! My hubs is probably kind of sick of hearing me geek out about it but he has yet to understand my undying love for this show! Not only have I watched this show growing up, … Continue reading Gilmore Girls Revival Prep