Review Policy & Rating System

Review will Include

I will always write my reviews as honest and treat the books and the authors very respectfully. When I post the review, it will include the title, author, publishing company, date published, where to purchase, photos of the book, a general synopsis, and other information along with my rating and review.

Where I will Post

Upon completely the book for review, I will post my review on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. My Instagram account will also feature a picture of the book and letting people know the review is on my blog. The author/publisher should please let me know if there is another place they would like me to place the review.

Time Frame

Please allow at least 2 or 3 weeks, starting when I receive the book, to write the review. Also, if there is a certain date you wish it to be completed and reviewed by, please inform me of this as well.


If the book is part of a series, I will need the earlier installments, if I do not own them myself, in order to write a proper review.


I will read almost any book, however there are some I would prefer and others that I would shy away from generally.


Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Fiction, Middle Grade/Children’s fiction, Some Non-Fiction, Retellings, Mysteries, Historical fiction

Shy away from or not accept

Business, Political, Erotica, Religion, Self-Help, Most Horror

If the book contains lots and lots of sex or vulgar language, it will drastically lower the number of stars I would have originally given it otherwise. Please be mindful of this prior to sending me a request to review books that include an overabundance of either of these.


ARCs, published books, and ebooks (as long as they can be read on a Kindle or in PDF) are accepted formats that I will be happy to review. Although, I would really prefer a physical copy. It is much easier for me to read when I have a physical book in my hand rather than relying on electronic formats that may or may not work.

Rating System

5 – Amazing book; couldn’t put it down, etc.

4 – Easy to get into; really enjoyed reading it, etc.

3 – Liked it; good ideas and writing, etc.

2 – It was okay; nothing too exciting, etc.

1 – Generally hard to get into; too much explicit content, etc.


I am very open to doing any giveaways, guest posts, contests, interviews, etc.. Just email me!

I may not accept all review requests that I receive, though I will try to if it interests me enough.

All reviews on my blog are my own thoughts and opinions. Please be patient since I am currently working on many books for review as well. Thank you for allowing me to read and write what I love!

Please fill out this request form or email me if interested in having your book reviewed, thank you!

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