Prince Charming for Hire Review


TITLE: Prince CHarming for Hire

AUTHORS: Josh Matson

ASIN: B06X14X7S4

PUBLISHING: The Coliseum

RELEASE DATE: February 8th 2017

PAGES: 309

GENRE(S): Fairytale, Retellings, fantasy


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“MOVIE” RATING: PG-13 (action)


If you like sword fights, action with a twist on some well-known fairytales, a few villains, and plenty of damsels in distress, this is a book you are already late getting your hands on! I originally wanted to read this book just to support my friend, Josh Matson (also the author in this epic fairytale twist), but when I got into the story, I couldn’t put it down. Who knew my friend could be a legit writer!

The story centers on the hero of the story, Aaron, a slave who paid for his freedom in doing more-than-interesting jobs for royals surrounding his home country of Apfelburg, “a small country just north of Bavaria”. (Trust me, it was a real place, I looked it up!) Did I mention there are knights, mercenaries, assassins, and princesses?

It took a few pages to get into this book simply because you have to build up the world and the characters but once we got past that, I finished the book in 3 days soon after. Books that hold this kind of ‘need to finish, and finish quickly’ trope always find a place in my heart. It proves to me how interesting and unique the book is.

The sword action displayed in this book really kept my interest, especially when we are brought to the missions that Aaron goes on. The scenes aren’t gory which was nice, but I still knew what was going on and it was delivered so that it captures your attention. Josh must have spent some time going over different aspects of swordplay as well as geographical facts and times in history because it really showed in his writing style. When Aaron is traveling from place to place, I would have no idea how long it would take to get from somewhere like Bavaria to England. The details added in the travels make the journeys, the story, and the characters more convincing and raw.

It’s very interesting how Josh creates such a spin on these classic fairytales. You’ll get a taste of several damsels in distress – though I won’t give away anything besides that. You’ll have to read it for yourself to find out the rest! However, I did think of the storyline of Shrek when I first began reading simply because the idea of hiring another person to stand in your place was an important facet in the novel.

There were a few grammatical mistakes that were made throughout the book but that did nothing to inhibit my enjoyment of reading this retelling or distract me from the ultimate goal of finishing it. I know that Josh is working on doing mass edits on this book so it shouldn’t be a problem should you choose to pick it up soon and read it for yourself!

One thing that I’m really hoping that Josh adds sometime in the future is a map. I think it would be really neat to see the places where Aaron travels and where exactly Apfelberg and the palace are situated!

In the very least, you should add this to your TBR pile for this coming month! Nothing is as satisfying as reading about crazy princes, mispronouncing German/Austrian words, and expert swordsmen battling to the death. I wouldn’t even mind if you skipped my review altogether and were already starting to read this book! It’s what I would do….

ABOUT Josh Matson:

photo of me

Josh is first and foremost a storyteller. Whether it is writing screenplays, penning short stories, or crafting novels, he does it all. He loves to create and entertain. Ever since he was a boy, Josh loved building fantastic worlds, dynamic characters, and heart wrenching scenes– keeping his readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page. Josh lives in Boise, Idaho, where owns and operates his internet marketing business. When he’s not writing loves exploring the beautiful Idaho back-country with his lovely wife Brooke and taking in a good movie.

Check out his website here!

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