Persuasion: 2nd Discussion

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Whoa. Another busy few weeks! I apologize but they were some things that I couldn’t control. BUT! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed Persuasion! I’m still finishing up on it! I hope you enjoy this next week as we get a break from reading Austen before June starts! Can you believe that we’re over halfway done now?! WHOA! I’m wanting to continue this book read some more with maybe other classics or series… But I have time before the end here!

Thanks for sticking with it y’all, I really appreciate it once again. 🙂


  1. At last, Anne and Captain Wentworth are married. Thoughts? Are you glad they finally ended up back together? What if they didn’t end up together?
  2. Have you seen an adaptation of this book? Was it better than the book? What made it worse/better?
  3. Discuss the significance of the title “Persuasion.”
  4. Some men view the navy officers as lacking in refinement. Do the navy members prove or disprove this point? Thoughts?
  5. The news of Capt. Benwick’s engagement to Louisa is surprising. Were you surprised? This seems to prompt Captain Wentworth and Anne to draw closer to each other in turn. How else could this engagement be understood or seen by others?
  6. The Elliots seem to be more [or somewhat more] accepting of Capt. Wentworth than before. Who has changed? The Elliots? Wentworth? Both? Explain your thoughts. Does this make a difference?
  7. What are your overall thoughts on Persuasion. Did you enjoy it as much or less than other books we’ve read so far? What made you like it more/less than others? Is it a sadder book than others? What emotions does this book seem to have?
  8. There are three women in Persuasion whose opinions differ greatly. Which one do you identify with the most? Why? Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Clay, and Mrs. Smith.
  9. Anne finally gets the hint that we’ve all been shouting to her that Captain Wentworth still cares for her. Does it make you crazy that she doesn’t just notify Mr. Elliot of her affections being elsewhere?? What would you say to him if you were her? In this day, would you say it’s still the man’s responsibility to pursue the woman? Tell me about your thoughts here.
  10. Other thoughts???

You may answer as many questions as you like or just run with your thoughts!

Comment away!

9 thoughts on “Persuasion: 2nd Discussion

  1. Sydney K says:

    In regards to Q7, I actually quite liked this story. I’d say a little less than S&S and P&P probably because it didn’t feel like it has as much plot/action driving it. And i understand that these type books aren’t really ones that need action, they are more reflective type stories. I’m not sure if i would classify it as sad though. Just very pensive and reflective. And once i got into it, i truly enjoyed it.

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  2. spines in a line says:

    Q1 Yes, I’m so happy! They both went through a lot of pain before they could be together so I’m glad it all worked out for them. Though of course, Austen hints that it’s not necessarily a happily ever after as Wentworth could be called away but at least they can enjoy the time together they have.

    I really, really enjoyed Wentworth’s letter to Anne. I thought Darcy was the dream guy but after this letter, I’m surprised this character isn’t more popular! Wentworth definitely beats out Darcy for me


  3. spines in a line says:

    Q3 Wow, so I remained completely oblivious to the meaning of the title though it was pretty obvious from the start 😛 Clearly, the whole mess around Anne and Wentworth is the result of Anne being persuaded by her friend and family to break up the engagement. That I would say is the main persuasion but we learn throughout the book of how much Lady Russell is seen as this commanding figure, always thought to be steering Anne.

    And then Anne herself faces the constant demands of the Musgroves and Mary though she’s not persuaded to take sides. I think, though Anne says she doesn’t regret her initial decision, that we can see a lot of growth in her character for all the decisions she faces in this book where she’s able to make up her own mind without the influence of others.


  4. spines in a line says:

    Q7 I don’t think it’s a sadder book, though it definitely doesn’t start out looking good for Anne. I really ended up enjoying it; I felt like the main couple were a perfect match and felt really happy for them, and I also liked that there seemed to be a lot more feminist themes in this one, especially with the character Mrs. Croft.

    Thinking on the book though, what I was slightly disappointed in is that Anne couldn’t really have a happy ending until she got her beauty back. I don’t know if Austen saying that Anne had lost her bloom was more that she was depressed than that she had lost her looks, but I kind of wish she could be as plain as someone like Jane Eyre and still get a happy ending 🙂


  5. spines in a line says:

    Q9 I think Anne was constrained in that situation though of course she was upset at Mr. Elliot! I don’t know if there’s a way she could’ve been more direct while still being polite and appropriate in that time period than what she did in mostly ignoring him. Though he didn’t fully get the hint until she announced her engagement to Wentworth, I think her pulling away was enough for him to realize she wasn’t all that interested – though if that were his only barrier, I’m sure he would’ve still kept up his advances to get what he wanted.


    • Chanda says:

      I like when they are at the concert and she really just has no desire to talk to him and he just keeps trying to divert his attention. Obviously Wentworth sees this and hates it, but I always found it funny since she is so concentrated on him and not on Mr. Elliot and it is just miscommunication and mixed up emotions all over the place.

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  6. spines in a line says:

    Q8 I think I might identify most with Lady Russell, just because I tend to look at the logical side of things, which isn’t always the way decisions should be made.

    For who I aspire to identify with, that’d be more Mrs. Smith. Even with all her problems, she still manages to have a positive outlook on life that really does seem genuine. I wish I could be that upbeat! She certainly seems like a good friend to have


  7. Chanda says:

    It has been years since I read Persuasion and I honestly forgot just how much I love this novel! It falls right next to Pride and Prejudice for me. I find that it is nice to read about more sensible characters, even if there are a few ridiculous ones thrown in as well. I like that There are flaws in both Wentworth and Anne, but they are essentially the same people that they were when they first met, but have grown and matured. And that letter! It gets me every time!

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