Jane Austen Book Buddy Read!


Happy Day!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this. 

Since I watched the Jane Austen Book Club, I remember thinking, “Hey, that’s a wonderful idea. Someone should do something like that!”


And I’ve waited. And waited. And waited for a long time for someone to organize one. I gotta admit, it would be even cooler if we actually COULD physically get together and discuss these books, but alas, we cannot.

But once I get my fortune secured, I’ll fly everyone out and we can go on a Jane Austen retreat. Sound good?


Anyways, I’m having a Jane Austen Book Buddy Read! I will probably refer to it as the JABBR since that is quite a mouthful!

The idea is that we will each be reading one of Jane Austen’s novels for every month starting next month, February. We will begin with…

~(Drum roll, por favor)~


I’m so excited to start! I think this will be an excellent one to start with and it will be interesting to see how this turns out because this definitely stars one of my favorite Jane Austen heroines. Elinor Dashwood is probably the most like me. Guilty.

Now for the extra fun parts!

I’ll be doing some discussions questions, a giveaway (or two!), a book buddy exchange, and lots of Austen (duh)! This is going to be awesome.

Pure awesome…..Or is is Pure Ausome?

Meh, forget it.

If you want to join me and a few other book nerds, go ahead and fill out this form below so that you can be informed of all the JABBR news and fun stuff!!!

So go ahead, fill it out. If it makes you feel better, I’ll look away.




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