David Bowie: Retrospective and Coloring Book [Short] Review


TITLE: David Bowie: Retrospective & Coloring Book

AUTHOR: mel Elliott

ISBN: 9780399579110

PUBLISHING: Watson-Guptill

RELEASE DATE: October 25th 2016


GENRE(S): Culture, Crafts


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This was definitely something I wanted. Regardless of what it looked like on the inside. I’ve always been a fan of him and the roles he played throughout his life. He pushed the boundaries of normal and went beyond things most people wouldn’t stretch to. My love for him began with Labyrinth and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it.

I absolutely loved the cover and back cover!!!! It screams DB. I also appreciate the short history of David Bowie, some of the styles he inspired, his roles in various films, and just snippets from his life. Though, I must admit, this part was very elementary at best. It would have been nicer to tell more about his life or about certain aspects that the coloring pages showed on the opposite pages. However, I will still cherish this book and it will no doubt provide for excellent entertainment and endless spouts of discussion about such an extraordinary person.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for an honest review.

ABOUT Mel Elliott:

Mel Elliott graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2007. She began designing fun, printed products such as paper dolls and has grown her “I Love Mel” signature into a successful brand. She has always been influenced by pop culture and fame, and is the author of the celebrity-inspired adult coloring series, Colour Me Good, among other coloring and art books.


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