Gilded Cage Review


TITLE: Gilded Cage

AUTHOR: Vic James

ISBN: 0425284158


RELEASE DATE: February 14th 2017

PAGES: 368

GENRE(S): Fantasy, Young Adult, Dystopia, Sci-Fi







WOW! Holy magnolia beet farms. Yes, it was that surprising and I definitely was not expecting to like this as much as I did. There are a few similarities to Red Queen in this read but not as much information as “to the point” as Red Queen, if that makes sense. Since the world is divided into Equals and commoners, it is easy to correlate that with the Reds and Silvers of RQ. But, unlike RQ, Gilded Cage seems to have very similar powers (things like mind control, telepathy, etc.). Each Equal just has a different volume of their power. In this case, it’s not as specific to who has what power, just the volume.

The author did a fabulous job, I thought, of adding a rich, in-depth history to the story which allowed many of the characters to reflect back on or connect with. Along with the histories, the place is based off of earth, which is very different from most dystopians as well. More specifically, England is one of the few governments who still maintain a “slavedays” system, thinking that it is the only way to keep the “peace” and the beloved way of life.

One of the things that I absolutely love about this book is the fact that I cannot figure out any of the three sons. Not at all. Even with a few clues and hints, I’m still not able to grasp what they will do in the end or who their loyalties lie. For this reason, I dub this book an excellent suspense novel purely because I haven’t been able to guess many of the happenings that occur! I for one love the sense of complete surprise that I’ve found here and this makes me want to sit at the edge of my seat, waiting for the other two books to come out. AND THIS BOOK ISN’T EVEN OUT YET!

I’d definitely say that I liked this better than Red Queen, though there’s only one way to find out for sure…by finishing the series and seeing what happens next!

The story is told by multiple points of view and I just realized that that seems to be a common entity in books because I’ve read many books like this recently. Anyways, there’s five different people that you get to see their side of what’s happening, but not in any kind of pattern. Still, it’s quite nice to read the story based on other character’s viewpoints simply because they usually have their own voice and reactions than the others.

Like most dystopians (to me at least), they tend to start out a little slow just because there’s a lot more to explain about the world they life in, etc. Not to mention, I just finished one of my most anticipated novels coming out in February so I was in a bit of a book hangover starting out. HOWEVER, once I hit page 50, I read it in less than 2 days. I’d definitely recommend it to those who love a good dystopian. Plus, it doesn’t have much romance so that’s a bit different from the norm. It seemed great without a lot of that romance fluff though!

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

ABOUT Vic James:

Vic lives in London’s Notting Hill, but her life is more action-adventure than rom-com.

She studied History and English at Merton College, Oxford where Tolkien was once professor. Relocating to Rome, she completed her doctorate in the Vatican Secret Archives (they’re nothing like The Da Vinci Code), then spent five years living in Tokyo where she learned Japanese and worked as a journalist. She now writes full time.

Vic has scuba-dived on Easter Island, camped at Everest Base Camp, voyaged on one of the last mailboats to St Helena, hang-glided across Rio de Janeiro, and swum the Hellespont from Europe to Asia. But there’s little she loves more than lying in bed till midday with a good book and a supply of her favourite biscuits.


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