A Country Christmas Review

TITLE: A Country Christmas

AUTHORs: Josi S. Kilpack, Carla Kelly, Jennifer Moore

ISBN: 9781941145869

RELEASE DATE: October 11th 2016

PAGES: 300

Publisher: Mirror Press

GENRE(S): Romance, Historical Fiction, Christmas/Holiday, Novella








I was going to read this for just a fun, short read and that’s exactly what it was. It took me a day to read the three cute novellas about love during Christmas. Sometimes I have a hard time with stories that last only around 100 pages because they’re just so short and it seems that the love story, or any story really, is too rushed and the events happen too unrealistically fast.

I enjoyed many aspects of each story and but felt that I didn’t know the characters as well. Although, these are only novellas so I shouldn’t be expecting too much in regards to length and complete understanding of the story. Each of the three authors had a specific and unique voice in their section and it was fun to read a book that had three different themes in it, while sticking with main themes of Christmas time and love. After all, who doesn’t like a good Christmas love story? I can tell you that Hallmark just soaks up all the lovey dovey stuff!

One thing that I really loved was the time that each novella was set in. I believe they were all around late 1700s to 1800s and that’s probably one of my favorites to read in.

The first novella was about Neville and Eloise. They’ve been childhood friends for a long time and now they realize that this relationship is much deeper than simply friendship. But Neville’s friend seems to be getting in the way of both realizing their true feelings for each other, or is he really?

Second is a man, Master Able, who, while he is on leave from the Royal Navy during the peace between England and France, is offered a position to teach two boys about mathematics for the month of December. The boys’ aunt and Able immediate have an attraction between each other and spend their time and effort finding a way to make their match a successful one.

And the third one is similar to the first with Archie trying to plan the perfect Christmas for his friends, whom he considers practically family. But his plans don’t exactly go the perfect way he was wanting. He wanted to propose marriage to Jane but they both end up questioning the other’s feelings and not getting on the same page.

I was glad to see that they separated the first and third just because of the same problem of figuring out the others’ feelings was very similar. But overall, I enjoyed the three stories and will look out for what these authors have in store (or already have in store) to read next!


To find out more about the authors, click their names above and it will take you to their bio and the other works that they’ve written! 

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