Red Queen Review

TITLE: Red Queen

AUTHOR: Victoria Aveyard

ISBN: 0062310631

PUBLISHING: HarperCollins (Harperteen)

RELEASE DATE: February 10th 2015

PAGES: 383

GENRE(S): Fantasy, Young Adult, Dystopia


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In some ways, I was a bit disappointed with the book with the pace and the extra fluff that was thrown in; and in others I was mega surprised with plot twists and major love triangles. This story is about the divide between the two bloods, Red and Silver. Mare is a Red, living in a world that is definitely not on the same level as the Silvers who are the “royals” or high class society with special abilities. It almost reminds me of the divide between the mythological gods and goddesses vs. humans. Though Silvers are not immortal, their abilities – ranging from strongarm to nympae and whisper to magnetron – certainly keep them at a much higher elevation than the Reds.

My disappointments while reading this is the pace the book went. It was a very slow starting read and I had to really concentrate to pay attention, especially at the description paragraphs or at the predictable twists that occurred. What essentially kept me going was Mare’s strong, resilient character and her courage shown throughout the novel. Particularly when she wrestles in her mind about the difficulties that lay ahead of her and whether or not her willingness to overcome her enemies would be enough to save her or the ones she cares for.

I was very confused by Cal as a character, however. He was the one I loved at the beginning but found that I disliked him more and more as I read through the book. It seems that I couldn’t wrap my head around his intentions both with Mare and with the story as a whole. What specific roll does he play in here? Was my constant question.

What surprised me most were the major plot twists in this book, though I will not reveal spoilers, I think that it is good to mention that I did not see them coming. The smaller, less significant ones were easy to spot. Aveyard made it seem like these were the ones to ultimately guess beforehand anyways. But as you grow attached to the characters more and learn to “assume” what they will do later in the book, it gets harder to predict these plot twists. This, for me, is what helps to make a completely addicting and terrific novel. (That and this is a series, so naturally I want to read the rest of the story!) It is inventive to take on a story like this. Where you are starting to guess what will happen next, trying to learn each point of view and action, but then after you get used to this, the author shoves a plot twist at you that makes you rethink the whole book. Interesting. In the book, Mare consistently shares that: anyone can betray anyone. It makes it hard to connect with some people and then easily connect with others.

My favorite characters were Mare and Julian. I soaked in any scene they were in or words they spoke. Hands down, my favorite scene would be when Mare’s circumstances suddenly change and is in front of the world, all to see. No spoilers here with any specifics, but I absolutely LOVED being surprised by this for anyone who has already read Red Queen.

Back to something that bugged the bees out of me. The love triangle. Or square. I never connected to Kilhorn, to me he was annoying and childish. Cal was my first pick for Mare when he first came into the picture (or words!) but then he fell off of my pedestal rather quickly. Then there’s Maven. He was very childish from the beginning, then turned into someone I was head over heels for. Of course, he falls of the pedestal as well. I do not want to be stuck with Kilhorn as Mare’s love interest. Say it isn’t so in the next book!

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and feeling all the feels for Mare and each of her predicaments. It’s an light, easy read. I personally would have liked a different pace in the beginning but it turned out that I read the last 200 pages in 2 days so I’ll give it some slack! Also, I am in love with the cover and the other covers in the series. They are absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t help but stare at them whenever I wasn’t reading!!!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from SocialBookCo.

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