November Surprise!!!

Hello hello hello!

For my fellow bookstagram followers (and anyone else who wants to join in): THANK YOU!!!!

If you’re reading this, I have recently acquired 400 followers on my IG account and I am beyond proud of my followers who have been so helpful, friendly, and just simply wonderful!

To show my deep DEEP gratitude for them, I have brewed a super fun (yes, it is) challenge for y’all. This is no ordinary challenge. NO WAY. We are not about just a mere challenge over here! Below you will see that I have concocted a November Book Challenge!

NOW! For the extraordinary part. 

I’m a genius. Just simply put. (lol.jk)

There will be a GIVEAWAY on each Sunday of the month, except the last one where I am waiting until the end of November to do the last giveaway to give y’all the most opportunities to win! As you will see, the GIVEAWAYS are pointed out within the challenge.

NOW! How will you get entries into each giveaway?! 

For each bookish picture you post each day, you’ll use this uber super hashtag: #novhuntforbooks. Short and sweet I’ll say. You can only post once a day with this hashtag BUT you will earn A WHOLE entry into the GIVEAWAY.

For extra entries, (you’re gonna wanna do these!)

  • QUICKLY like the challenge post that I post.
  • EFFORTLESSLY follow me on IG (@huntforpaperbacks) for ONE extra entry (y’all should be anyways).
  • CALMLY follow me on Twitter (@hunt4paperbacks) for TWO extra entries.
  • SIMPLY repost this challenge for FIVE extra entries on IG, tagging me in the picture. 
  • EASILY follow my blog for TEN extra entries.


If you want credit (AKA entries) for all your hard effort in spreading the word, etc. Then you should FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW! Please don’t miss out on this part, I want all of you to win!!!

Okay okay, I’m sure you’re wondering what the GIVEAWAYS actually are now.

Well…I’m going to tell you what they are but not specifically. I know, I’m super evil.

The dates for the GIVEAWAYS are:

  1. November 6th – bookmark(s)
  2. November 13th – candle(s)
  3. November 20th – book(s)
  4. November 30th/December 1st – My super annoying mystery giveaway. It could be more of the above, a combination, or nothing! (JK, it won’t be nothing. That’s just silly) But I will tell you it will be epic. Or will it?? haha You love me.


Isn’t it AWESOME!!! I am so excited to see all your pictures and entries.

PLUS!!!! I plan on doing shoutouts at the end of the week as well so you won’t wanna miss that either. Right?????? 😉

Okay, now to explain each of the challenge prompts!!! Most are pretty much self-explanatory and you can do your own take on them if you want but I’ll explain them below for you anyways!!

  1. Take your TBR out into the wild (or just outside your door).
  2. Your two favorite colors, sandwiched together by books!
  3. Tell me 5 or more facts about yourself!
  4. Show off your picture book collection, y’all must have a few!
  5. Capture a picture with books, bookish things, bookmarks, candles, etc. ALL OF THE THINGS!
  6. Tell us what 3 books you’d have brought with you if they gave you the choice! hehe OR better yet, SHOW US.
  7. Use some books to show the country you’d want to live in (other than the one you live in now).
  8. Patriotic colors of the country you currently live in.
  9. A book that you recommend the most out of them all.
  10. SHINY books or books with SHINY titles.
  11. A book that has a brave soldier in it. If you don’t have one, maybe a brave hero or character?
  12. Impress me with a UNIQUE book shape!!
  13. Be kind and post a shoutout to a friend that you’ve made on IG.
  14. Show us all your spiciest man book! Or your bookish crush!
  15. You’re welcome for this one! A book(s) you wanna get rid of either by giving it away or to a special friend!
  16. Quick read!
  17. Show me your favorite bookish world/place/land/planet, etc.
  18. Birthday day! Just anything that is celebratory! 🙂 Celebrate!
  19. What’s your favorite game and pair it with a book!
  20. Whatcha reading right now? Now show me one of your guilty pleasures along with it!
  21. Older or Worn book. You can do older looking new editions too, if that makes sense!
  22. A few books that fit into your favorite genre(s) and favorite drink you enjoy!
  23. Pair a book with some music or favorite author who also makes music?
  24. Confide in us what your most prized bookish possession is; what are you most thankful for?
  25. Post a video or picture of your book mail you’ve received this month AND/OR some Gilmore Girl love! GG COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!
  26. Another awesome shoutout! This time you should give a shoutout to your favorite small bookish business (etsy, society6, redbubble, etc.)
  27. TRADITION! Book you have read more than once along with a favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas tradition. Get it?! 😉
  28. BOOK WISHLIST! Tell us some books you’ve dying to get your hands on. OR books that you are most excited to come out next month!
  29. BRAG about your November book haul as well as tell us your favorite place to buy books!
  30. WRAP-UP the books that you’ve read in November plus what you’re most excited about coming up in December!

THAT’S IT! If you have any questions, you can email me at or DM me on IG @huntforpaperbacks. I’d love to help you out (and help you win something good!)

Comment here!

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