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These past few months have been pretty hard for me. I mean, the decisions in life can be so difficult that I feel completely confused and defeated sometimes. What I’m having a hard time with has to do with so many…


Can I get an amen on that??? I am trying to follow as many as possible as well as their many reps who showcase the lovely treasures inside, but it is still SO difficult to choose one to start with, let alone commit to trying others out. Book nerds everywhere, I ask you to help me, no, I beg you to help me. (Star Wars fans??? Get it?? lol)

For this blog, I’ve listed several book subscription boxes that I’ve been thinking about trying, what I ask is which one(s) have you tried, what do you think of them, what kinds of treasure do you receive from them, and what ones SHOULD I include in this list that I don’t have already here. I know, it’s a lot to ask. However, my favorite thing about this community is hearing recommendations from you, all about what your honest opinions are and what your thoughts are on different things. You guys rock.


I feel like Owlcrate is the Big Ben of the book subscription boxes. Can I just say that I love their logo? It’s cute, creative, and fun. (All things that I look for in a book subscription coincidentally!) It reminds me a bunch of Harry Potter and one of the owls – Hedwig or Pig – coming to my house to deliver the book crate for me. How nice! I always see wonderful pictures of their boxes, awesome theme ideas, excellent books and loot, and of course, their story inspires me. Korrina and Robert are just a pair of bookish cuties! Speaking of cute…

October’s Theme?

Once Upon a Dream

“The box will include a dark and atmospheric novel inspired by Russian folklore. The story is all about the magic that occurs in the middle of the night! We’ll also be filling each box with beautiful goodies inspired by fairy tales, as well as stories that feature dreams. This is a really beautiful box, and the book is perfect to read around Halloween!”

How much are we talking here?

$29.99 + shipping

What’s included?

“Every month we’ll send you:

  • * A highly anticipated new YA release.
  • * 3-5 other bookish goodies (jewelry, totes, yummy treats, pins, etc).
  • * Exclusive items from publishers and authors.
  • * A note telling you more about the novel and the items included in your crate.”

One of the things that I especially like about Owlcrate is the fact that they have been rolling with this for quite a bit more than others. They’re so generous and willing to help out in any circumstance that goes awry that it just makes me love them even more. They remind me of my mom. IN A GOOD WAY! Goodness people…I meant that they’re patient, understanding, and helpful, but still professional, concise, and FUN! This theme should be awesomeI love fairy tales and I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with this month!


Another book box company that’s been around a bit longer is The Bookish Box. I think it’s very innovative that they have their own shop as well as the book subscription so that they can offer exclusive items that only they can provide. This is pretty neat to me. I don’t know a lot about them just by looking at their websites and Instagram and such so you might have to fill me in on who they are, etc.. However, they are in SUPER high demand. This is both impressive and daunting just because I never like missing out on super cool things. They recently had a one-time box: HOCUS POCUS!!! Who was able to get a hold of that goodness? I am so freaking jealous right now. That is probably up there with my top favorite movies people! This is real life; code black!

October’s Theme?

Bibliophile Goodness

How much are we talking here?

$18.99 w/o shirt + shipping; $29.99 w/shirt; + shipping!

What’s included?

“Each box includes a shirt and 3-5 book inspired home, beauty, and fashion items.”

Many of these shirts make me super proud to be a reader for one, and for another, they are super bookish and it makes my heart sing! But I’m not going to stop with my honesty there…sometimes I don’t know where the quotes or phrases come from…does that make me a terrible book blogger?? Because I feel awful now. No matter, I love the creativity that this company has in not only the shirts but also with the SUPER cool and fun things they have in each box. Does anyone wonder how these cool cats pick where and what they put in each box? I mean if you ask me, it’s a huge responsibility to pick what pieces would mesh well with the theme. Also, I die for the cute mugs I keep seeing all the time. Who doesn’t?? I think I need to collect them…that sounds both delightful (to me) and dangerous (to the hubs). Oh goody gumdrop!


I don’t know about you guys but for some reason, I just LOVE their biz name! LitJoyCrate was started by two adorable moms and they wanted to provide a way to send quality items and books to people. Admit it, everyone loves buying online because that means it will just show up at your door and POOF! Instant happiness. Right? “As two full-time moms our lives are a chaotic mix of story time, fishy crackers, and 1:00am phone calls about book crushes. We really are a family here at LitJoy and we want to invite you to be a part of our family!” I LOVE this little bit they put on their website. When you add a personal touch to any business, I will most likely buy from you. Not only that, but I sometimes will watch their cute Instagram stories and can’t help but want to join in on all the fun they seem to have!

They offer a little something different than a lot of book subscription companies. They have the option of subscribing to two different Children’s crates (by age) or the Young Adult crate. Plus, they give back by participating in Book for Book to local charities. Go team!

October’s Theme?

Children’s Board: Seasons; Children’s Picture: Yum!; Young Adult: Blood Magic!

How much are we talking here?

$29.99 + shipping

What’s included?

“Besides the book in each box, you can expect 2-4 bookish items to enhance the reading experience. We do our best to provide exclusive (and quality) items from small shops. In addition, each of our boxes will include a special note from us (Alix and Kelly) that is sure to brighten your day!”

These ladies are very personable and are willing to help out in any circumstance (from what I’ve read and researched). The box itself is delightful and colorful (which I am a huge fan of!). Don’t even get me started that they are the only ones (that I know of) that provide helpful tips that come with the Children’s boxes that will help engage your little reader. How cool is that? If I have children anytime soon, I will know who to look to!

Also, just in case you cared, it is raining here! 🙂


NovelTeaClub is one subscription box that I actually have been dying to try. I’ve seen good things from them but what I truly admire about them is that they are dedicated to providing everything for a perfect night in! Yes, this is so different from many other subscriptions and I LOVE it! All of the pictures they have and even their website seems so peaceful and relaxing! They’re even doing a rep search right now (which I would admittedly LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!). I made a video about being a rep and my perfect night and I felt like such a nerd! I was a tad bit embarrassed when I posted it but now I’m embracing it!! It’s fun being a book nerd! Haha. (Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled book subscription geek-out)

“We are all about a good night in, and we work hard to curate the best products to ensure that for our awesome clients.  We love the items that we send out, and we hope that you do too!”

October’s Theme?

Romance; Young Adult; Fantasy

How much are we talking here?

$27.50 (shipping included!)

What’s included?

“Each box contains a novel in the genre of your choice; tea; and several extras to make the perfect night in! Extras can include artisan/organic snacks, candles, or bath bomb.”

Okay, are you thinking what I’m thinking? NovelTeaClub is almost TOO good to be true, am I right? I mean, my three favorite genres are romance, young adult, and fantasy…so someone is going to have to get me all three of them. I hope that’s not too much to ask! Haha! But seriously, this is a problem that is both difficult and completely amazing at the same time. You can go ahead and take a look at just how awesome these boxes are here. I know I am completely envious of all the previous boxes that I haven’t gotten! What do you think of them? There is no end to their incredible ability to envision a night out. I just wanna get one of these boxes for every day of the week so I would ALWAYS have a perfect night! Sounds like a plan to me! 🙂 They will seriously do great things with their book subscription business!


I’ve been following Once Upon a Book Club since their beginning (which hasn’t been for very long, but still, it’s worth a little something right?) and let me tell you, these book subscription boxes are all so different and have such wonderful ideas to make them so unique and enjoyable! The reason that I gush and say that is because OUaBC is the only one who goes beyond the feeling of Christmas once you get your box. They hand-wrap every item in there and as you are reading your book from them, they have super duper (did I just say that?) gifts that you open when you get to a specific page number! Not only is this business focused on making a memorable experience when the box first arrives, but it makes sure that feeling lasts clear through the flipping of the pages of the book they deliver to your door! They elongate the experience, if you will, and provide you with a box like no other. One you will probably remember for a long time afterwards and keep you returning to OUaBC for more!

October’s Hint?

Spooky Mystery Romance

How much are we talking here?

$34.99 + shipping

What’s included?

“Each month you’ll receive a book (can be paperback or hardcover) to read, a 5″ x 7″ quote print, along with 2-4 corresponding gifts to match a quote/item mentioned in the book.”

To make this subscription even better, they add discussion questions so that you can join the Instagram community of other OUaBC-lovers to interact and get to know each other better! Not to mention the lady behind this genius-of-a-subscription-box is none other than Michelle Wolett from Chick Lit Designs AND Once Upon a BookCase! Wow! So much talent to fill not one, not two, but THREE other businesses as well. Dang! I’m impressed! I’m so impressed that I think I’ve leave it at that! Boom. Amazing.

So go and check all these guys out while I try and write up about some more book subscriptions will ya???



3 thoughts on “Book Subscription Lovin’

  1. Mrs. Hurd says:

    I am with you on trying to figure out book boxes! I used to subscribe to Upper Case and it was the one I stopped. I subscribe to OwlCrate and I also subscribe to Lit Cube (if you haven’t tried there’s try it you will love it). I have done the Bookish Box for the Outlander one and missed out on the Hocus Pocus one :-(.


    • thehuntforpaperbacks says:

      Oh my goodness, thank you for your comment! I will definitely have to give Lit Cube a closer look! Did you see that The Bookish Box is doing a Nightmare before Christmas box? It’s for sale on 9/30! I might have to check that one out!


      • Mrs. Hurd says:

        Yeah I saw that! I am very tempted! When I started the book boxes I was like eh I will give it a try and then pick only one. And finally let one go but every month Lit Cube and Owl Crate have a theme I want!


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