Gilmore Girl Goodies


I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed. At all. I wanted to just lay in bed all day with an elf bringing me hot cocoa every hour and a cookie dispenser that, when I pushed a button near my nightstand, a warm double chocolate chip cookie would pop out. Oozing with chocolate. My TBR pile of around 47 books would be stacked within reach so I could easily grab one (at a time). A never-ending box of tissues is naturally sitting beside me as I go through each book, sad that they are ending and making sure my emotions don’t slip underneath my door. The light wouldn’t be too glaring, just bright enough that I can read the pages without a lot of stress on the ol’ eyeballs. My sweats are comfy and cozy as I snuggle into a good day of being lazy in bed. Oh, and my cat would be fed instead of meowing at the door, wanting me to get up and feed her and then giving her attention only when she deems it fit.

Wouldn’t that be a lovely time? I like that dream a lot. We could all get together and have a cozy, lazy, super good reading fest! How would you like that? I am SO in. Just send around the sign up sheet stat!

Instead of being lazy and reading, I figured I would geek out on GG a little bit more, considering that I promised that I would. What a kind soul am I. I found some super cute (and nifty!) items that we all (myself included!) NEED for the upcoming GG revival in November! Plus, it’s my birthday that month so even more of an incentive for me to buy them ALL! Who wouldn’t?!!?

I got to admit, I might have to do two days in a row of these kind of goodies because there is a whole lot of talent out there…and naturally I am jealous of all those creative juices! If you tell me your secret, I would LOVE to find out how to get out of my slump. Or maybe that’s just this wonderful fall weather that’s making me suddenly need to become a bear and hibernate for the next 6 months. As long as it’s warm and I can wake up every few days to munch on those cookies again, that sounds like fun to me. Bring it!

Okay, okay, get to the good stuff…thank you for reading my rant. I appreciate the quick scrolling to the good parts too…even though I am quite a hoot. 😉 Pfft…right.

As long as we are on the warm and cozy topic, I can bring up my love for candles. And more candles. Candles over there, candles over here, candles that are blue, candles that don’t smell like shoes, and every candle inbetween! That’s when I found IntheWickofTime shop. Their candles are professional-looking (I can’t even look that good on the right day!) and I have heard only the greatest things about them from other people who have purchased and professed their love for this cute shop! They even have a GG themed candles these days called “Stars Hollow”. I mean, the town name is dreamy enough and then they go ahead and name a candle after it?! Life could not get any better.


“Admit it, it’s your life-long dream to live in Stars Hollow. Now you can have a little piece of it! The smell of Connecticut maple leaves places you in the middle of the Stars Hollow Autumn Festival where the town is bobbing for apples, toasting marshmallows, and indulging in all things spice!” If that description won’t convince you, they burn for 60 hours! Wow. My birthday budget needs to somehow get bigger

Let’s stick with this theme as we glance at bycandlelight27 shop for a few minutes. That hot cocoa needs a home! A warm home that it looks like it was meant to be at the Dragonfly Inn, held by Lorelai Gilmore herself. Well, look at this! Poof! They made this really quickly 😉 hehe. I’ve seen some of the other designs in the shop and they are all, if not most, hand drawn by the owner! Talk about talent here, watch out world! There are TWO GG themed mugs that would be perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the wit and magical snow there in Stars Hollow. One is a Dragonfly Inn mug and the other is a Luke’s diner mug.

il_570xn-1024502570_hop2 il_570xn-1032381983_5u0y

“The aim of my work is quite simple – to make the everyday unique and beautiful. Far too often, the objects we adore the most we hide away for safekeeping, fearful any touch might spoil it, any brush might destroy it. Instead, they become unique and beautiful receptacles for dust.

I wanted to change all that. To create unique and individual designs on household objects we use everyday. Maybe a famous actor on a coffee mug, or a skull on a teapot. Handmade, original, beautiful designs you can enjoy on your own or share with family and friends.”

Man, maybe I should get them to write my blog. It is inspiring and refreshing to read words and thoughts like this in a world that is so fast paced and sometimes doesn’t appreciate these efforts and talents.

(See? There’s a cookie right there for me to munch on. Sorry, they’re biscuits. Either way, they are delish.)

Now that our hot cocoa has a home…we really need to find a safe home for our mug. After all, we wouldn’t want to spoil one thing with a home and avoid the other. That would be simply rude. Coasters are a house-wife’s best friend. Now that I work from home, I feel like the home is like an extension of me. If the coffee table has liquid on it, I get sad. So to avoid that pain inside, I use coasters. But a true GG fan shouldn’t use just ANY coasters, at LeeloJewelrySupplies shop, they do coasters right!

il_570xn-936710603_m818 il_570xn-936711261_aoib

Each coaster is hand-made and there are a lot of others to choose from in other fan realms. From Hocus Pocus to Edgar Allen Poe and Harry Potter to Beauty and the Beast. This shop has got every fan club drooling by now! You can tell that a lot of time and effort goes into designing EACH piece and I so love each detail in these GG themed coasters. What a treat! Also, their instagram is ADORABLE. So get on that everybody!

Have y’all ever heard of chicklitdesigns?? Ummmm, how have I not browsed their shop before? I need to get on this etsy bandwagon before it leaves without me! There are over 100 things in their shop that is all about bringing back the feeling of having a book in your hand. Read a bit of her about page: “I have dedicated myself to bringing back the nostalgic feeling of having a book in your hands during this technology growing world.” If you go to her page, read more about who she is and why she does what she does. It is truly inspiring. Plus, everything she makes, I want in my mailbox tomorrow morning! Her creativity is amazing and is obvious to me every time I see another book she has used in her creations that I love and cherish. LOOK FOR YOURSELF!


This is also made to fit just about any phone you have these days (“iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 4, 4s- Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3, Note 3, Note 4”) I love this idea she has come up with to make the case resemble a tab for Lorelai. Goodness look how many coffees she owes! It definitely adds up with just about every episode she goes into Luke’s Diner. Man, now I need some of his good food to fill me up now! Just put it on my tab. 😉

Okay, if you want to set down your mobile device (also known as your phone) and take up something more retro in your hands, like a pencil and paper, you could only be set for GG if you have some cute (and funny!) pencils from LifeisRosier. Once I opened up their shop, I could tell that they really knew how to party! I mean literally, there are so many fun, cute, and tasteful banners that she stars on her site as well as sleek pencils. Not only GG themed but I spotted some Harry Potter there…you know what that means…shopping spree!


These are running low here so you better get them quickly! Aren’t they amazing?!

“Want to tell someone how much you love them? The very best way I know is with these awesome Gilmore Girls engraved pencil set!”

I would DEFINITELY have to agree with Rosie on this one! These pencils just scream true love to me and are just too fun to leave in your etsy shopping cart unattended! *gasp. Plus, they’re gold engraved sooooo what’s not to like here!?

Right. So now you’ve got a few fabulous pencils to write with, now you need to write to your mother about those hot pads you need for the kitchen. How about a postcard…that’s GG themed? I think yes. Yes is the correct answer in this case. (It always is, just btw). Obviously the design is cute if it’s on this blog. (I’m not super picky, but this is worth writing home about…ON THE SAME POSTCARD!!!! Genius…). OhCutItOut is not only a cute cute CUTE name, it’s also the home of some incredible paper art that serves as any fan’s geek-outlet.


How neat is this?! This is Stars Hollow!

“Featuring the familiar sights of Stars Hollow, including: the Gilmore house, Luke’s Diner, and the gazebo!”

I would just freak if I found this gem in my mailbox! That means someone REALLY loves me. The creativity behind this incredibly cute shop is Karen! She seems like a hoot, to me, right off the bat. As I was looking through her lovely description of this postcard, I spotted this at the end. She simply put “#teamjess“! Karen, you and I could be really great friends, I know it! She also has a Hogsmeade postcard…keep it togetherbreathe

The next AMAZING GG accessory I have here for you is something you completely would not expect for some good revival loot. BUT! Let me tell you right now. This is serious stuff here and I do not joke about the serious stuff. 😉 Behold! The aprilcobbdesigns shop! Here, you will find…wait for it…adorable, truly adorable fabric and quilt-y crafts! And YES, April has GG material that you can buy in her shop…You can literally make GG crafts while watching the revival, or make them before and be EXTRA prepared! 🎶 A whole new world!!! 🎶 Thanks to April and her shop, there is no end to craftiness!

il_570xn-985987842_k5a4 il_570xn-985988096_777x il_570xn-1032505391_h0ve

There are SIX fat quarters of six different GG fabrics in the set. They are:

“1. Stars Hollow, the town
2. Signs, featuring signs from all over Stars Hollow, Luke’s Diner, Dragon Fly Inn, Miss Patty’s, etc…
3. Fashion from Stars Hollow, including wedding dresses, Luke’s flannel shirt, Rory’s Chilton Uniform, the Mother Daughter fashion show ensembles, and so many more.
4. I Love You 1,000 Yellow Daisies featuring daisy bundles, representing when Max proposed to Lorelai
5. Gilmore Quotes in Blue, featuring many memorable and some obscure quotes heard throughout all 7 season
6. Gilmore Quotes in Multi, featuring quotes that are colored by character on the show”

Now I just need to come up with something to make out of these fabrics! Any suggestions? What would you make out of these scrumptious-looking materials? I am loving to death the sign one with Stars Hollows’ businesses all over! What a treasure!

Before I announce this next one, I need you all to take a breath. That’s it, breathe in DEEP. Because what I’m about to tell could be life changing news. That’s right, take me seriously here people! This next shop called TheCrazyOwlLady (what a wonderful name, no? I LOVE it!) has GG buttons! There are ten of them and all you have to do is order them and they’re all yours! That’s it! Poof! It’s kinda like magic. Also, like buying something on etsy. Pretty similar. Anyways, Bailey is the “crazy” behind this shop and she has some awesome other accessories she sells on here as well. (ALSO, go check her out on instagram, I was looking through her feed and I’m loving what I see. I know you’re tempted so just go do it NOW!)


These are so tubular, I think I’m in love again. No really, these make my heart sing! On the description area, Bailey simply states: “Represent everything that makes Stars Hollow the best.” I think that’s fair enough for all those Gilmore Girls fans out there, right?! She also likes to “read and cuddle with my cats” so I think I found another friend! Ghostbuster and Disney fans are sure to love her other fan-themed items and make your heart sing just like mine!

My last one for today is a super FABULOUS idea for this GG revival because it was made specifically for it! Whoa, it’s like she read my mind. So the shop is littleletterspaperie and I had to look through everything she had before I could even think of finishing this blog post. Frankly, it was simply because I was stalling and I couldn’t take my eyes off of every hand-drawn item here. Seriously, people’s talents are amazing and it is so awesome to see them show off these sorts of things online and with the world. Oh right, back to the item I was telling you about. THEY’RE REVIVAL COUNTDOWN STICKERS!!! (Was that enough excitement for you, no, the answer here would be no.)


She even says so herself in the description how perfect these little cuties are.

“I can’t think of a better way to countdown to the revival of Gilmore Girls than with this single sheet of countdown stickers full of what else but lots and lots of coffee cups! So mark those calendars for Nov 25th 2016!”

Please PLEASE get these and tell me how they are! They’re just what I was looking for for this special occasion. And who doesn’t love the whole sticker idea??? We all remember back in the day using stickers for everything in our lives and now, we still can! 😉 Because we still got it going on! These stickers are a 30 day countdown and some of the extra cups have quotes from the shows on them – super idea! Man, the creativity in some people’s brains is fantastic. I love the different cups that she has drawn – the Yale and the no cell phones ones, did you see those?

Real quick, before you’re too bored of reading my gushing emotions, go check out these fabulous shops on etsy and their instagram pages! Everyone needs some love!


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