Gilmore Fashion Savvy


I’m sad to report that I don’t have any Gilmore Girls related clothes or accessories! I know, it’s a darn shame! I’ll go cower in the corner awaiting my judgment accordingly.

Well, how did I do? Hopefully not too awful…I’m willing to make it up to you via this super blog post I’m writing RIGHT NOW! Isn’t it amazing? I love a good GG post. Anywho, I’ve looked all over for some clothes so you don’t have to watch the new episodes naked. That might be a bit embarrassing. Just saying….

WhiteWolfeDesign isla_180x180-17662381_hcxlaa6xhas some basic GG wear that is PERFECT for a casual time! The shop has 5 stars and over 500 orders that have been processed. Go team! Even though they only opened up last year, they look like they’ve been busy bees with so many designs, including customized works. They not only have GG in stock but Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy, and even Bieber. Boom. Here’s some of their GG designs!

il_570xn-904761733_k7hc  il_570xn-921929131_qo40 il_570xn-967482552_ppho


BosqueApparel is certainly one of the newer shops I’ve seen on etsy, but that means nothing when you get down to it! They have some super cool designs that I might have to look back at later…in fast, yes, yes I think I’ll do that for SURE! I read that they are a bunch of Art Directors and Graphic Designers there and that makes me so happy that they are making such cool shirts! Here’s some of their GG designs…and maybe a Hocus Pocus one I HAD to include!



bigdaydesignco is also pretty new but I think these few GG shirts I’ve found are so original in their design that I’ve never GG shirts like this before. THANK YOU! This is super exciting…They also have other items besides shirts that she designs, including Harry Potter stuff! Here’s the two shirts I saw and ones I wouldn’t be surprised you will slip into your cart soon!

il_570xn-1040738216_i432 il_570xn-1087270349_xwln

isla_140x140-16933498_puwgnam2DoodlesAndDots2 have some original shirts as well. Maybe I’m just blown away with all these GG shirts that I’m just loving them ALL! No matter, I must go on! They’ve been around since 2011 and have obviously dominated at their job! There’s quite a few Christmas as well as pun shirts. HA! If I could, I’d look at these shirts all day! Wait, I’ve been doing that already…pfft.

Anyways, here’s some stars:

il_570xn-1019647748_ii4g il_570xn-1019659900_cf7j

Last, but not least (since there are literally a billion out there), here’s the largest quantity of GG designs that I’ve seen so far in my search today:


57pennies is a newbie to the etsy gang, pero, she totally has an awesome design mind. Let me explain. There are about 20 or so items that are JUST GG themed…NOW what do you think? I’m thinking it’s a keeper just by saying that! Now, I will only show a few (of my favorites) here on my blog BUT if you want, you are more than welcome to click the link to their website above (as well as the other shops) and go crazy with GG power!

il_570xn-1015762970_icc5 il_570xn-1016445848_fn0z il_570xn-1030005964_pwzq il_570xn-1058676385_kdst

If anyone gets me the purple one, I will love you probably FOREVER. Thank you and goodnight!

PS. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition!!!! I still need to prep myself so just read them all to make me feel good inside at least! haha toodles.


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