Gilmore Girls Revival Prep

Gilmore Girls Revival Prep

Is everyone just super excited for the Gilmore Girls revival shows coming up on November 25th?! I know that I am!


My hubs is probably kind of sick of hearing me geek out about it but he has yet to understand my undying love for this show! Not only have I watched this show growing up, I’ve watched the countless reruns that aired and have binged religiously on Netflix many times since then. After all, if it wasn’t for Netflix, it wouldn’t be coming back! (Although, I’m going to cry like when Jess called Rory but never said a word when I finish the 4 episodes and realize that’s that!)


In order to properly prepare for this incredible experience coming up soon, I’ve gathered together some awesome obsession items that will help us cope with this final installment. Each day this week I will add a few new sites or items that you should definitely go check out to maximize your preparation for the revival. How does that sound?

I’m excited to seek out the very best for you and let you see what cool things are out there to explore! Until then, keep on rockin’!


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